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All new projects prior to kicking them off will require a new creative brief format. The project lead and co-lead will work together with me to develop answers to this format. We can either make a google template doc or a form so that we consistently fill it out when we kick off projects. The intent is to be "brief". This is not a long essay. This will be developed after the alignment exercises and right before we start creating.
  • A brief outline of our client’s business situation and the problem/opportunities we need to address.
  • Demographics of our target audience. What insights do we have into our target? Segments? Primary and secondary audiences?
  • The single essential message. A secondary message if required.
  • The rational response.
  • The emotional response.
  • What call to action are we trying to motivate?
  • Motivating support points (3 max)
  • If it exists.
  • Goals that can be measured with numbers.
  • Elements, text, content that must be included.