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Internship Supervisor Evaluation Form – Spring 2021


Internships are planned training experiences that provide an opportunity for students to put academic learning to work. This is an academic course for which students receive three units of credit. Six units maximum of internship credit is allowed, three of which may be graduate level.

Interns are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours with the employer during the academic semester.

The sponsoring faculty for the Spring 2021 semester is:
Professor Joe Bautista

INSTRUCTIONS: This evaluation will be very important in determining part of the student’s grade. Please evaluate the student objectively, comparing him or her with other students of comparable academic level, with other personnel assigned the same or similarly classified jobs, or with individual standards.



Name of Supervisor(Required)
Name of CSUN Student(Required)
Relations with Others:
Attitude to Work:
Ability to Learn:
Quality of Work:
Based on the overall performance during the months as your intern, were you impressed enough with this student to consider hiring him/her as a regularly paid employee?
Overall student intern performance:
Would you like to solicit another CSUN Intern in the future?